STAR Station

Being a STAR station means we have met the Bureau of Automotive Repair’s higher performance standards. State of California law requires that a percentage of vehicles be directed to a STAR station for their Smog Check Inspections. The inspections themselves are identical and so here at Richmond Smog we do not charge you extra for a “STAR” test.

Test Only Station

We are a Test Only stations, so if you are directed to one, we are here for you. Also you can come to us knowing that we will not “scam” you by trying to make your car fail since we can not perform any repairs.


Most 2000 and newer vehicles are inspected using the BAR-OIS system. This consist of a Visual Inspection on your vehicle’s emission related components as well as a Functional Check (Liquid Fuel Leak Check, Smoke Check, and OBDII)

Most 1976 to 1999 vehicles are inspected using the BAR-97 system. This inspection includes the Visual and Functional components but the vehicles emissions are also directly measured from the tailpipe.

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